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11 oktober 2023 av
Cathrine Niklasson

The operation Form view was optimized for mobile devices and the chatter was added.

Set packagings during stock moves with the '+package' button for even faster operations.

Delete a product that was scanned but not part of an order.

View supplier reference on receipts.

Delete a product that was scanned but not part of an order.

Filter transfers by scanning packages. Open a transfer by scanning a package or a transfer barcode on the list of transfers. Scan a package to know its content from the main menu.

Define per operation type what needs to be scanned or not: source location, product, serials, package, destination location. Better instruction in the top bar.

Serials and lots are now folded by default. Scrolling them when unfolded was improved. View the expiration date.

Added the chatter to transfer information and a Kanban view of the moves.

Avoid having two persons doing the same operation by automatically assigning a user on a picking/batches as soon as this user changes quantities.

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Cathrine Niklasson 11 oktober 2023
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